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 Little Did They Had. [Active Rp]

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PostSubject: Little Did They Had. [Active Rp]    25/04/14, 11:58 pm

plot: Boyfriend and girlfriend are together. The girlfriend's boyfriend is in a gang and of course does the wrong thing like: taking drugs, smoking, and taking part in gun violence. The boyfriend's girlfriend is pregnant and was soon to be due. They had no money, but luckily had a house and way behind overdue bills. Sooner or later they were going to be kicked out. The boyfriend tries his best to provide money for his new family and goes to local stores and steals some foodsince it was hard to put food on the table, while the girlfriend is home and laying in bed.


Turning the oven knob before picking up the box of matches and lighting one of them up, twenty year old Kelly quickly placed the lighten match into the stove that wasn't popping any gas correctly for itself and soon lit it out once she got what she wanted. Next, she got out a small pot from underneath the sink and filled it with an entire bottle of water, letting it boil for a couple minutes. She then paddles over to the small round table that was standing lifelessly against the square window and takes a seat. Kelly suddenly buries her head in her hands and sighs, her stomach luckily filled of food but her head pounding with pain. Ever since life has been a struggle for them and money has been very little for pass couple of months, Kelly herself has also been struggling, which was carrying a new life inside of her. Now carrying a new life inside her, she was almost due and would give birth to her unborn baby until the next three months, which would soon breeze away. Time has been speeding away these pass few days.

With her boyfriend,Jack, doing most of the work and trying his best to provide the better future for his family, Kelly would just laid in bed all day and getting the full time rest she needs in order for her baby to be healthy. And mainly feed the extra mouthful, or probably a few cleaning touches around the house. Therefore, with no family members or any close friends to help them through the hard times, the couple were passed with over due bills and could be kicked out of their only shelter any day. This was only the beginning...

Minutes later, Kelly returned back over to the pot and noticed the boiling water was ready. Pouring the steaming hot water into a teacup with a peppermint teabag inside, she then added a few touches of milk along a few teaspoons of sugar. Finally holding the cup close to her lip as she slowly takes a sip out of it, her eyes trailed off to look at the coo-coo clock across from her and gazed at the time it was now, a long sigh escaped from her lips as she stood there in silence. All Kelly's head was running through right now, is how is she going to make this right for her family? A baby was soon about to come from right around the corner, and Kelly still hasn't got anything so far for the unborn baby before it arrives. Since money was becoming a pain and life has been struggle, things was also happening outside in life. Though she wasn't involve any gangs or violence to that cause, her boyfriend was. And didn't say anything about for now. But it still bother her.

Brushing back the light brown hair from her light brown eyes she starts walking back to the living room, Kelly gently sat back down but this time on crouch and laid down. Putting a pillow underneath her swollen stomach and resting her head above the crouch's arm, and her eyes searching for something that would at least be inspired to look at. With a sigh to calm her boredom, she then rested an hand on her stomach and gently closed her eyes.

[Pm if you're troubled with coming up with a character]
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PostSubject: Re: Little Did They Had. [Active Rp]    21/05/14, 10:36 am

Angelo was never proud of what he has to do to provide for his family. But this life does not give him much of a choice. He has been struggling all his life, now more than ever, yet continues to hope for better days like when his girlfriend would smile and laugh until she cried or look him in the eyes when he walked through the front door. She knows exactly what kind of business he is involved in and though its discussion is rare, it's what is driving them slowly apart.

He weaves his way around the darkened room of a residence he and his amigo Enrique were definitely not welcomed in, and take as many things as they can carry; Angelo held two cans of Chef Boyardee in one hand and a valuable watch in another while Enrique grabbed a pack of hot dog buns and began to search through various drawers in the bedroom. Angelo comes across an infant's room and snatches a brightly colored toy and baby blanket out of a bassinet before his nerves rattle his fear awake. "Vamos!" He whispers harshly at his friend and together, they sneak out of the back door and cross the yard to the next neighborhood. Until the boss needs them for bigger work, the boys spend their time scraping what they can and are forced to stretch a hundred or so bucks until the time came. But things were quiet among the rival gangs and Angelo was not sure if that is good or bad. He walks down his ghetto neighborhood with the blanket under his shirt and everything jammed into his pockets until he reaches his house and opens the door. He is always disappointed to see the same sad and empty setting but brightens when he sees his baby mama resting on the couch.

After emptying his pockets on the counter and shaking the blanket out from under his shirt, later to remove his shirt anyways and expose his masculine figure with Kelly's name on his chest where his heart is, he kneels beside the couch and strokes her stomach, wondering if the baby will inherit his olive skin and dark hair and her eyes, or his eyes and her hair. Angelo lifts his hand to stroke the short strands on his head and smiles softly, believing their child will look perfect.

"You hungry, chica? I brought home some ravioli..." he whispers softly though his Hispanic accent remains thick.
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Little Did They Had. [Active Rp]
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