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 Bianca and Giovanni How WOLF inspired me

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PostSubject: Bianca and Giovanni How WOLF inspired me   03/11/14, 04:32 pm

(apology for poor English, I am not a native English writer!)
One stormy day. two young pups were born, names already picked before their birth. Bianca and Giovanni. Ironically the girl named Bianca was pelted black, unlike her brown parents and older brother.
Giovanni was a spitting image of his grandfather, a proud brown wolf he was, and so will be young cub...
Mother Wilder Margo was very proud of them.

Over the following months the pack's members started dying out due lack of game to hunt and fee on or by the hands of man, one by one. First one of the subordinates, a beta, then the caretaker of the pups, last the father of them and the last subordinates. Only Margo was left alone to take care of her hungy cubs...

In the last few months Margo started to search for a new mate while still having to take care of her pups, luckilly the new mate came to her, an older wolf. However the young mother Margo was very interested.
Just before the cubs grew up, they got to see their new father, Lucan Lorenzo. The pups seamed to enjoy their new but old dad very much. Lorenzo also seamed as the more kinder wolf too, helping Marko make sure her cubs would survive into adulthood.

Two more months had passed and now the young wolves all grown up will have to struggle with their mother through the following years, it seams like the game that seamingly dissapeared last year started to return. Maybe there will be a brink of hope for them to survive?
Hopefully the future ahead of them will be a bright one...


To be continued...

(Bianca is a beta while Giovanni and Omega, from time to time they somehow switch places e.e )
End words*
Those two pups were really inspirational for me :3 I actually even made two of my most iconic and developed characters after them!
An older drawing of Giovanni. (Now he has darker-blackish cheeks)
An older image of Bianca, she is plain black and never needed a redesign ^^

They will be used in so much more in the future.
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Bianca and Giovanni How WOLF inspired me
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