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 The last moments of an Omega's life

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PostSubject: The last moments of an Omega's life   29/12/10, 09:11 pm

Unlike everyone here, I actually enjoy playing as an Omega! I spend giant rounds of minutes organizing my pack so I can be an Omega every time.

This is based off of an adventure that I played Aurora as but it's not real.

Narrator: Aurora
2nd base-off-of: Cepheus

Winter was on the brink of ending, But snow still coated the ground. Aurora knew she'de have to 'do it'. She walked up to the subordinate, And challenged her. She nipped Darkfur's back leg until she got irritated and turned around, Darkfur yowled a war cry with her hackles raised and grasped a big heap of skin from Aurora's flank, Tearing most of it off and then headbutting Aurora to the ground. Accepting defeat, Aurora got up and limped off.

After licking her wound till it only bled a little, Aurora was getting sick of the taste of blood and just continued casually, The moon was high and snowflakes still fell. Not in the very long months of winter had a single sunbeam cast the land yellow and Aurora only saw the sweat flowers growing on fungy-infected logs, When she sniffed the flowers she wondered if she would live to see the spring again.

Suddenly alert, She smelt a hunter. She was way too distracted and it was too close for her to even blink, A pain split into her shoulder and she started running, But soon tripped and went summer-saulting before gaining balance again and continued fleeing, She tried her best to keep least pain off of her shot leg but that wasn't the problem, She felt her own skin being pinched where the bullet had gone, And she knew the bone had been cracked with a bullet. After running deep enough into the forest, She was suddenly hit aside by Darkfur, Who thought she was attempting to fight. Aurora barked madly sending Darkfur light-headed and dizzily skattered off in the direction, Witch then barked to the pack witch sent them running too. But the alpha male, Cephues, Ran to Aurora. He sniffed her as if to ask what happened, Aurora responded with a bark followed by a whimper of pain as her instincts told her to lye down. Cephues's claws grasped the dirt in anger of a packmates injury, But He suddenly felt alert. Aurora sensed he had smelt the hunters, But he was in a frozen state. He put a paw over Aurora and was now halfway standing in between Aurora and the scent. Aurora got up defensively, then Jumped out in front of Cephues, And at that moment... A fierce pain split her chest, And she fell over chest bleeding furocously. After seeing Aurora fall, Cepheus skattered off into the forest with a thankful howl of rejoice for Aurora's bravery. She sat on the ground, bleeding. Winter rain coated the floor....

Blood stained the snow red, And for the first time in the cold months she saw the clouds part, And a very first sunbeam of spring shined apon her entire body, Melting the snow around her and leaving her furry body warm, She smiled into the first spring's sunlight but the last spring's sunlight she'de ever see, And through that sunbeam twas the path she took to the star ladder several minutes later.

Quote :
I've actually been dumb-witted to jump in front of packmates when they where in a hunters way, and I've died every time.


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PostSubject: Aww :)   22/01/12, 06:05 pm

That.. is so heart-breaking. I love to risk my life for the pack, I somewhat did the same thing as you as Rumour once.. I saved Nakomis. Nakomis was limping and suddenly a hunter was in front of her, I jumped in front the the hunter shot me but sadly, Nakomis then died and I was also shot... But, we all know it was possibley the right thing to do.. possibly >.<
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PostSubject: Re: The last moments of an Omega's life   30/01/12, 06:45 am

Nahh. If I were you I would've let Nakomis die. ;3

This was so sweet. I wonder if wolves really do that in real life?
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PostSubject: Re: The last moments of an Omega's life   

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The last moments of an Omega's life
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