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 Steadfast's Last Hope

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PostSubject: Steadfast's Last Hope   04/12/11, 06:28 pm

A little story I wrote based off of my saved game (kinda. Just from where Rumour and Stalker are 3 years 8 months).
* * *

Steadfast trailed behind the pack. She had stepped on a sharp rock with her left front paw, and she couldn't keep up anymore. She was only 4 years old, yet she felt like an elderly pup maid.

Her mate, Cepheus, kept pausing to look back at her anxiously. She always nodded slightly to him to let him know she was alright. She wanted her only two pups to have a strong example: their father.

Stalker and Preyfar were only three months old, but both were fierce and strong already. They traveled with their parents like they were yearlings or adults. The two were best friends, but already, she could tell that Stalker was slightly more dominant then his only sibling.

Steadfast warily watched them wrestle. She didn't want either to hurt the other, though it didn't seem likely. She did not want to make a mistake.

As she watched, she heard a soft whimper. She wheeled around and stared into the forest, straining her ears. She heard it again. She dashed into the forest as fast as she could with her injury. She ignored the startled yelp from Cepheus and the confused cries of her pups. She was focused on one thing: that cry.

Steadfast almost fell on top of a tiny female pup, probably only a month old. There was not another wolf in sight. Steadfast slowly bent down to the pup and grabbed it by the scruff of the neck. She carried it back to the den. She had a female pup at last. She had a daughter.

The female grew fast. She was as strong and swift as Preyfar and Stalker. Steadfast named the pup Rumour, and loved her like her own. By the time that the pups were two years old, however, Steadfast noticed a change.

Rumour stopped submitting to her. She strolled around with a belligerent air about her. Steadfast realized, with a cracking in her heart, that she would have to fight her pup, the abandoned pup in the forest.

The next morning, Rumour growled and snapped at Steadfast. But instead of walking away, Steadfast snarled and sank her teeth into Rumour's muzzle. Rumour screeched and flung Steadfast to the ground, where she proceeded to tear brutally into her adopted mother.

With a yelp of submission, Steadfast slunk away, leaving behind her a trail of blood. She was planning to go to Cepheus, for she had no idea what to tell him. She was not Alpha anymore; therefore, she was forebidden to have a mate.

But Steadfast became worried. Cepheus was nowhere to be found. Despite her wounds, she raced through the forest, calling for the brave alpha. Finally, she found him.

Cepheus was a pitiful sight. He was frozen, blood still trickling down his skull. With a wail of anguish, Steadfast realized Cepheus was dead.

Steadfast mourned her lost mate, staying at his side for nearly a year. Nobody came to look for her.

Finally, she returned to her pack. Rumour and Stalker were mates; Preyfar was their beta. When Steadfast slunk in, Preyfar curled his lips back and shoved her down. Steadfast had gone from Alpha to Omega.

Steadfast didn't mind, really. She was numb. She felt nothing inside; she was empty. Years passed. Steadfast wondered when Rumour and Stalker would mate. After all, they were both of age. They must have felt the urge to procreate.

That day came. When Steadfast returned from a moose hunt with Preyfar that had taken nearly a month, she found something she had not expected: pups. Two pups, a male and female.

She crept up to the den and examined the pups. They were lovely; her grandchildren. Steadfast walked around with her head held high; but that was a mistake. Rumour took it as a threat and attacked her.

Eight months later, the pups, Kiun and Inca, were fully grown. They were Subordinates; Steadfast remained Omega.

One day, Steadfast had split from the pack. It was no longer her home; they were a family, and, although Steadfast was a direct relative to all but one of them, she did not feel welcome.

As a lone wolf, she remained in her old territory. She visited Cepheus's grave and howled her grief again. Then, she turned to leave. That was when she caught the scent of a hunter.

She felt no fear: she was almost nine. If she died, oh well; she had nothing more to contribute. There was only one thing running through her mind: they killed Cepheus.

Steadfast let out a snarl and charged the hunters. A bullet was fired. She felt it lodge in her skull. Steadfast yelped and did a somersault. Her head was on fire. The pain seared her soul, leaving her only with one thing: pain. The bulletwound should have killed her, but for some reason, she was destined to suffer. She writhed, sreaming her agony.

Then it was over. Steadfast was a spirit, a ghost of time. She relived her entire life, exactly as it had been, in less then a second. And suddenly, there was no pain. Cepheus was bounding towards her, surrounded by an aura of light. So comforting. Steadfast raced toward Cepheus, yelping her delight with every step. Then she was there, and she knew she was truly home.

EDIT: Wait, so why did I title it 'Steadfast's Last Hope? o.O
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PostSubject: Re: Steadfast's Last Hope   27/03/12, 10:40 pm

That was a really good story it had some sad parts in it but for the most part it was really good.
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Steadfast's Last Hope
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