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 Negative points?

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PostSubject: Negative points?   06/12/11, 03:51 am

Mau Mau is my favorite lion but every time I play there are no prides or nomads.Is it because she's not good with other lions?
Also,when I kill something sometimes I get negative points,why?
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PostSubject: Re: Negative points?   06/12/11, 08:32 am

Well, you're supposed to hunt only when you're hungry! Smile About MauMau.. You should put her into a pride to workaround this.
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PostSubject: Re: Negative points?   29/01/12, 11:40 pm

Like Inuyasha said, you get negative points for killing when you're not hungry. And Mau Mau is too aggressive around other lions, as stated in her detailed statistics, so click 'Build a pride' in the simulation section when you get to her. Find the other lions you like and put them in it as well, and if you want more prides around you instead of just Mau Mau and the other lions of the pride you've built, you need to go to a lion you want in the pride, make sure there's more then one pride around by looking down to the 'Prides in area' section, (which is below Detailed Statistics), and click 'Build a pride'. If you don't want the other lions in their pride to be in your pride, click the other lion's(s') name(s) and then hit 'Remove from pride'. Then find Mau Mau and click 'Add to pride'.

Also, you get negative points from fighting with a lion and losing the fight.

Hope I helped! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Negative points?   11/02/13, 12:48 pm

Even if you do build a pride and put Mau Mau in it- she's epic ikr -I find that she doesn't wander with the pride. I always find her, still in the pride, but wandering around on her own. Gals got social issues. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Negative points?   12/02/13, 01:18 am

Well said, Sonitia. XD Also, welcome to the site!
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PostSubject: Re: Negative points?   

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Negative points?
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