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 Lucan's story

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PostSubject: Lucan's story   22/01/12, 06:00 pm

Lucan padded along the path, Rumour following close behind. Lucan didn't know where the rest of his pack went, they didn't seem to be sticking around much anymore, but that didn't matter. He was just glad that Rumour was still alphess, for Nakomis, the beta, was not pure at heart. Lucan sniffed the air and caught the scent of an elk, he looked behind him and was glad to see Rumour was still there. He broke into a quick walk until he began to run, but the scent of the elk was lost. Lucan slowed to a walk, to gain some energy. He looked back to see if Rumour was okay, and luckily, she was. The elk came into Lucans sights, the smell wafting into his nose. He ran foward and, with the help of Rumour took down the elk with ease. Lucan ate his share and so did Rumour before they both set off to the den, knowing the pack never usually strayed far from it. But then, as Lucan turned to look behind himself, a plane swooped over head. He barked a warning for Rumour and Lucan quickly dashed out of the way. But just as Rumour was nearly at Lucan.. she was shot down from the plane. Lucan started to cry, he howled up into the air and walked over to the body, placing himself down beside it. Lucan never left Rumours body, and died from thirst.

R.I.P Rumour and Lucan
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PostSubject: Re: Lucan's story   30/01/12, 06:47 am

It's funny how Nakomis is almost never the good guy. Nobody likes her. :3 Did she lead the rest of the pack away from Lucan and Rumour?
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Lucan's story
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