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 Rulers for a minute

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PostSubject: Rulers for a minute   22/01/12, 06:51 pm

Hunters seemed to be swarming all around me, my fur bristled with fear. The only thing willing me to survive was hope, the hope from my two alphas, who are my closest companions. Centaurus started padding along, I willingly followed him as well as the rest of the pack, my eyes watching his every movement. Centaurus led us to some water, where we began to cross but then fear struck my heart like an arrow. I saw a reflection in the water, of a large helicoptor waiting for us. But before I had chance to bark a warning to my fellow packmates the helicoptor flew towards us, wiping out Centaurus and Rumour in one go. The rest of the pack barely managed to escape but as I stood over the two bodies, I felt dizzy. It was as if the arrow had pierced all my hope and let it flow away from me, burning as my eyes did as I saw the bodies. I struggled on my feet, my eyes went blurry and suddenly a rage like no other confronted me. I put no hope into my new leader, Nakomis. With a snarl of rage I ran at her, jumping into the air and biting at her throat, she jumped back and bit at my, wounding it slightly but not enough to kill me. I jumped back but I didn't give in, I kept attacking and Nakomis kept dodging. This went on until finally, Nakomis had defeated me. I limped away into the forest, vowing to someday get my revenge and never show my faith in that pack again. Fury burned in my heart, eating away at it until all that was left was hatred. It was as if the souls of Rumour and Centaurus were eating at mine, feeding off whats left of the good in my heart and giving me back only rage.. just pure, hatred and rage.

**Told by Wind**

This happened like, just then and I literally started crying. I thought maybe others would like to here this story Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Rulers for a minute   30/01/12, 06:41 am

Pfft. Stupid helicopter.

Lucky you for getting a pack with Rumour and Centaurus as leaders!
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Rulers for a minute
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