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 Wilder's Last Excuse.

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PostSubject: Wilder's Last Excuse.   18/03/12, 04:08 pm

>>Most of this happened in my saved-game I just added a few extra scenes. (:<<

Wilder walked around the edge of the pack territory of the Timber woods, she was 1 year old and 7 months and already the highest subordinate. tomorrow she planned on defeating the Beta so that she could take over that rank. Suddenly a wolf leaped onto Wilder. "Hey omega.''
It was silence the lower ranked subordinate who I had overthrown a while ago. She was always jealous of me, since I had over thrown her rank in the pack. "I'm not omega'' I growled, "I have a higher rank then you!"
Silence snorted stubbornly, "Fine but one day I'll have a higher rank than you." she raced off into the woods. Wilder stood wondering what to do, could she really overthrow the Beta AND the Alphess? Wilder shook her head, and trotted swiftly back to the pack.

Once Wilder reached the pack Rumor, the alphess, stalked up to her slowly, Wilder slightly retreated back a few steps. Rumor growled, "And where have you been all day?" Wilder started to worry, what should she say, she couldn't tell Rumor her plan to overthrow the beta and her.
"I was just out hunting, I almost caught a deer until a hunter came and almost shot me.""
Rumor looked puzzled but was relived, "Now next don't just leave the pack without telling your alphas." Wilder slightly nodded, she sighed with relief. She didn't like lying to the pack but this time it was nessacary.w

Wilder saw full moon glow up into the sky. She silently watched Nakomis, the beta, sleep, she waited until the right time. In her mind she gave the signal, Go. Wilder sprinted toward Nakomis and challenged her. Nakomis was raged that someone had woken her up, She fought with Wilder, and Nakomis came on top. I retreated towards the safety of a distant river where Nakomis would not follow. She sighed and whimpered, "Guess I'll have to work harder next time."

It was mating season and Rumor was no where around. Wilder had overthrown Nakomis just a few days age, so she was now Beta. Stalker the alpha male, was wandering around trying to find his mate, then he stalked over to Wilder. She felt a pull towards him and they both trotted off towards the safety of the woods.

Orange Leaf Pack now had 2 preganant she-wolves. Rumor and Wilder. Wilder had managed to keep her pregnancy a secret until today, her stomach was so swollen she found it hard to take a few steps. she quickly glanced up to see Rumor standing above her with a questioning look, she growled, "My, my Wilder you need to go for run, what happened to you?" Wlder had to think of something to say, and fast.
"huh, funny you might ask...I was out eating alot of carcasses." Wilder growled to herself, hoe could Rumor fall for that lame excuse?
Rumor nodded slightly and trotted off.

Today was the time, Wilder could feel it, she was ready to give birth. She stalked away from the rest of the pack hoping no one would notice her, but someone did, Stalker did. He barked happily, "Hey Wilder, where are you going?" Wilder sighed and said, "They're coming." Stalker's eyes widened he pushed Wilder towards a den where others wolves wouldn't come, she nervously climbed in.

Stalked was pacing outside the den of his newborn pups. He whined, "Just one look honey, please?"
Wilder growled, "Alright."
Stalker happily slid into the den and saw his newborn pups, a large gray male like himself and a small squirming she-wolf who looked like Wilder, then he saw one way in the back hardly even moving, he was a mix of gray and brown. he whined, "What about that one."
Wilder sighed, "I'm not sure if he'll make-" Suddenly something slid into the den, it was Rumor ready to give birth to her own pups. Snarling Rumor pushed Wilder's pups towards Wilder. Stalker gave a slight growl.
Rumor turned to face both of them, "You!" she looked towards Wilder, "had pups with MY mate! You should be banished and your pups too!" Stalker growled, "No the pups will stay with us."
Wilder tried to think an excuse and tried to stutter out the words, "I-I-"
Rumor snarled, "That's your last excuse Wilder!" she snapped at Wilder and chased her out of the den. Wilder ran for woods being chased by Rumor was no fun at all.
Finally Rumor had stopped the chase and Wilder was once again alone. Planning something, she missed her pups she missed Stalker. What would become of them. Wilder growled, "it was all because of my Last Excuse."
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PostSubject: Re: Wilder's Last Excuse.   25/03/12, 07:49 pm

oh no what happens next?
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Wilder's Last Excuse.
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