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 a good start to a pack going wrong.

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PostSubject: a good start to a pack going wrong.   25/03/12, 07:34 pm

chapter I

It was a freezing day in winter and Auroura had frost all over her she was freezing she found a nice thick tree she dug a little hole under it so she would'nt sleep in the snow. Then she heard a loud boom she jumped up to see what happen just then she saw a hunter she growled at the hunter and ran off and she was safe. As she was traveling she tried to find food but was unlucky to find anything at times she thought she would starve to death she found her tree again and it was dark so she went to sleep. then she heard a loud howl and that wolf was close but she was too tired to care. When early morning came Auroura woke up she was ready to try and find food again but to her surprise there was a fresh killed rabbit in front of her she was very surprised but she looked around and then she ate, she had'nt eaten anything for days so it was quickly gone then a wolf came Auroura looked at the strange wolf she said " Are you the one who gave me the rabbit?" the wolf said you ate my rabbit! it was going last me a little while! Auroura gasped then the wolf laughed and said im just playing with you and yes I gave it to you the wolf said " Whats your name?" Auroura said " My name is Auroura" the wolf said thats a pretty name Auroura the wolf smiles then Auroura said " Whats your name?" the wolf said " You can call me alpha" Auroura said " Is that your real name?" alpha said " No its not my real name but not even I know my real name I just gave myself that name" oh ok said Auroura then alpha said " Come to my territory there is more food there then this waste land" Auroura noded and she followed alpha to his territory. He took her to the den she said " Wow thats a big den" then alpha said " It needs to be big for future pups" Auroura smiled at alpha and he smiled back they rubbed noses to say that they are mates. then later Auroura was expecting she walked to the lake waiting for alpha to return from hunting she looked at herself in the reflection in the lake and the only thought that was in her mind was... round in the middle and fluffy on the side then she saw another reflection it was alpha she was happy to see him. One week later she had four very healthy pups she could not wait to show alpha when he got home from hunting. She cleaned all four pups three had her beautiful white - cream fur and one had his fathers shiny brown fur but at the end of his sisters tail was a shiny brown. Auroura stuck her head out of the warm den to see if alpha was around but he wasnt she thought to herself this is the longest he has ever been gone she got a little worried she howled for him and no answer she looked back in the den to see her pups sleeping she left to go find alpha. She looked everywhere but could'nt find him anywhere she was very scared about what might have happen to him. Meanwhile back at the den, alpha returned to the den but saw Auroura was not there he howled for her but she was to far to hear him he picked up her scent he found her and both where happy to see each other Auroura said " There is something in the den you must see" alpha noded and they ran to the den she went in the den and pulled out the four little puppies alpha was very surprised Auroura looked at him and said " Are you ok?" alpha said " Yes im fine let's name them" ok said Auroura " The three girls will be called Kate, Lilly, and Rose" beautiful said Auroura and I think the boy will be called Lip Lip alpha noded many days went by and the pups were getting strong each day but when alpha returned from a hunt he fed his pack and he wanted to talk to Auroura alone Auroura said ok and they walked away Auroura said whats wrong? alpha said our food supply is very low i dont know how we will make it.

chapter II

Auroura looks at alpha surprised " Are you sure we are low on food?" yes im sure said alpha they both looked at the pups playing then Auroura began to cry and said with winter coming around the corner how will we have food for the pups? then alpha said Auroura dont get to attached to the pups Auroura said " Are you saying dont love them?" then alpha turned to her and said " Oh never mind im gonna try and hunt again"alpha runs off Auroura goes back to the den she has a tear in her eye the pups looks at her and they say " Momma are you ok?" Auroura "turns to them and says yes im fine" then the pups go back to playing Auroura goes to mark territory then she trys to find rabbits near the den she could hunt. Then alpha returns everyone is happy because he had a rabbit when he put the rabbit down everyone ate but before he went to hunt again Auroura said " What just a second alpha stops Auroura said " Its my turn to hunt watch the pups while im away" then alpha says " Don't leave me alone with the pups" but Auroura had already left. Auroura spots a deer she is extremly happy she creaps up close to it then it runs off and she goes after it just then she gets caught in a trap! she tries to get free but she is stuck she howls and alpha hears her he puts the pups in the den and runs to find Auroura he finds her and he bites the rope she is now free they run back to the den safe and sound she tells him " I think I will leave the hunting job to you" but alpha says " I kinda like being with the pups but I think hunting is my job" they both smile. After several days of no food all the wolves looked starved and Lip Lip looked like he was going to die you could count all the bones in his body but Auroura kept them all warm from the winter freeze then one day she thought she would try and hunt too before she left she took one last look at the pups then she left sad she did'nt expect them to live when she got back she knew the wild was a tuff place for pups and she needed to accept that when she got back she did'nt want to see the inside of the den cause she was scared to see what she might find.

chapter III

But she went in to her surprise the pups were not only alive but there was a new pup! it was as skinny as her other pups then she wondered how it got here just then alpha comes but doesn't have food Auroura says " who is this pup?" alpha answers " I saw a wolf running and put it near the den and the wolf ran off and the last sound i heard was a gun shot." Auroura looked shocked then she said " then its an orphin." alpha nodds then she said " we can't keep it we dont have enough food for the other pups lets get rid of it before we get attached to it." then alpha says " its a little late for that besides who would want it?" Auroura sighs then she cuddles all the pups then she looks at alpha and says " if no one wants it then I will try my best to raise it as if it was my own." as she cleans the filthy pup she notices that it has a shiny brown coat like his new father's coat alpha says " lets name him bandit." Auroura nodds then alpha goes to try and hunt again. at last alpha comes home with a rabbit he feeds Auroura and she nurses the pups but a small rabbit does not last long for week old hunger but for a week alpha comes home with rabbits and soon the pups are not on deaths door. but one day alpha doesn't come home.

chapter IV

Auroura thought we have no time to play games but later she went to go look for alpha two miles from the den she finds alpha but when she goes up to him she relizes this is alpha's lifeless body he was killed by a hunter she stayed with him for a good two hours but she had to go she raced back to the den her pups said " were is daddy?" she answers " daddy won't be with us anymore a hunter shot him" the pups were very sad. Auroura knew raising five pups on her own was going to be very hard but she had to give it her best. While she was hunting she saw another wolf in her territory she growled and ran after it she came face to face with the strange wolf the wolf looks at Auroura and says " oh sorry I did'nt mean to get in your territory" Auroura says " whats your name?" the wolf says " my name is sage" Auroura says " nice to meet you sage" she smiles sage says " I heard that alpha was killed" Auroura says " how do you know that and how do you know alpha?" sage says " im alpha's beta" Auroura says " alpha never said we had a beta" sage replies " he kicked me out when you came" " oh" said Auroura then sage says " you should'nt live there there are way to many hunters there because of the farm" Auroura says "I can't leave thats where alpha is" sage says " you can stay in my territory if you like I have a nice big den the pups can be in" Auroura says " ok" they put the pups in their new home sage turns to Auroura and says " there is way more food here then your old territory" but Auroura was to sad to care. Six weeks went by and the pups are one month old and are very healthy again even Auroura is healthy again and spring returned to her heart. One day as she was changing the beding in the den and sage chased a carribue near the den then sage smiled at Auroura as he was trying to inpress her but she rolled her eyes as the pups came to see what was for launch they were inpressed and they ate after the pups were done eating then Auroura ate then sage as the pups were playing Auroura went to the near by lake and sage followed but Auroura told him to watch the pups but he followed her anyway then a bear came and the pups were screaming as Auroura raced to them she came to late the only one that was left was Lip Lip because he was sleeping in the den Auroura was heart broken then she turned to sage and snaped at him and said " I told you to watch the pups and now four of them are dead because of you" sage said " im really sorry Auroura" she growled at him and she grabed Lip Lip and went in the den and winter returned to her heart.

chapter V

Lip Lip looks at his crying mother and says in a soft quiet voice " mother you should'nt be angry at sage he has done so much for us." Auroura looks at her son and says " he is the reason four out of my five pups are dead." she starts crying again as sage hears the crying of Auroura he knows he should have stayed with the pups. As he looks in the den he sees Auroura crying and her pup trying to comfort her, he walks in the den and trys to say he is sorry but Auroura keeps growling at him then he gives up and walks out of the den and he goes hunting. Lip Lip sticks his head out of the den but Auroura keeps pushing him back in he looks at Auroura and says " im not a newborn pup anymore." but Auroura says " I dont want to lose you." then he says " you wont lose me mom." she says " I might." then sage walks in the den with a rabbit but Auroura doesn't eat, but Lip Lip eats. Two weeks pass by and Auroura is very skinny she refuses to eat when Lip Lip walks in the den and looks at his mom and says " you need to eat stop crying over the lost family members because I dont want to lose a mom and the way your going I might lose a mom." Auroura looks at him and she knows he is right. When sage got back to the den he brings Auroura a rabbit and she eats he trys to sit next to her but she growls at him. Several months went by and its time for Auroura to think about having sage as a mate or not having pups this year just then sage comes racing by with a deer and he is prancing around Auroura but Auroura ignores him. Two weeks went by and Auroura forgives sage and they both move on and soon Auroura is expecting sage's pups and she can't wait for them to be born and neither can sage and Lip Lip as she prepers the den by cleaning and putting fresh bedding in it. Lip Lip is old enough to help sage mark territory. The time has come for Auroura to have her pups and she gives birth to three very healthy pups when sage walks in the den he sees the pups as Auroura is cleaning them, two of the pups are boys had their father's grey-black fur and one was a girl and had its mother's white-cream fur. Auroura whispered in sage's ear and said " don't let a bear kill these pups." sage laughed and said " lets name them." sage said " the two boys will be called hero, and meeko." Auroura laughed and said " the girl will be called autumn." sage says " thats a pretty name." then Lip Lip comes in the den to see the newborn pups and Lip Lip says " these pups are so cute." then Lip Lip and sage leave to go hunting.

chapter VI

Auroura is finally happy again even though she misses alpha and the four pups she lost she is happy to be with sage and she loves the pups they have together and she is happy to have Lip Lip ( the pup she had in her first litter the only one that lived) as she was thinking those things she heard a strange howl and it wasnt from her pack she sticks her head out to see the wolf it was a loner and it was way to close to the den she jumps out of the den to chase it off it was a female and the loner wanted to challenge Auroura as they were fighting Auroura flipped the loner on its back but the loner didnt want to quit they kept fighting when sage and Lip Lip got home they saw Auroura fighting and they watched to see who would win after three hours the loner gave up and Auroura chased it off and Auroura was tired Lip Lip and sage were happy Auroura won they gave her food and she went in the den to feed the pups fresh milk then Auroura wanted to go to the river and sage followed while Lip Lip watched the pups as Auroura walked she knew sage was behind her as they have reached the river and they drink until they didnt want anymore Auroura started to chase sage they were playing and it was fun for both until that loner came back to challenge Auroura but the loner caught Auroura off guard and the loner won Auroura was now omega Auroura was angry and sage didnt like the new female alpha when they got back to the den the new female alpha named sunspot didnt like the pups and she took them out of the den but Lip Lip attacked sunspot and they kept battleing but sunspot won and she kicked him out of the pack Auroura could'nt take it anymore and they battled.

chapter VII

And at last Auroura won and sunspot was chased out and sage was happy to have his mate again and Auroura was happy aswell as she checked her pups and they were fine then she went to search for Lip Lip she searched everywhere she even howled for him but he was nowhere to be found then she thought he wasn't in the territory she knew there would be a lot of danger but she had to look for him out of the territory, she was many miles from her territory and she went into another territory she heard howles that were close but she continued to search for many weeks she searched for Lip Lip but could'nt find him she was sad that she let a loner be an alpha and chase her only teenage pup away and she might never see him again, sage walked over to her to comfort her she was happy to have him two days later after Auroura and sage came back from hunting, Auroura went to feed the pups and just then Lip Lip came back home he was very skinny he wasn't used to living alone sage was happy and after feeding the pups Auroura jumped out of the den to see her pup again she was so happy then the pups ran out of the den to see Lip Lip they were happy Auroura layed down as she felt her pups cuddle up to her she looked in the sky and she thought to herself life can't get better then this.

story complete.
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a good start to a pack going wrong.
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