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 Moonlight and Hephaestus

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PostSubject: Moonlight and Hephaestus   20/04/12, 12:23 pm

It wasn't safe here.

Hephaestus led Moonlight farther from their home. But all that was left in their 'home' was death and decay. All members of their pack had died from starvation. They were the only ones left.

Hephaestus glanced behind him and saw that Moonlight was staying right behind him, traveling at his pace, staying loyal to him and trusting in him to lead her to safety.

Hephaestus shivered. It had been colder than cold could ever be. There had been no snow yet; just long, terrible freezes that sucked the life out of everything. All the prey had either migrated or died.

But it was his fault that the wolf pack had remained. He had convinced them it was safe, that nothing would happen to them. He thought the frigid weather would pass.

But it hadn't.

And now, Moonlight and Hephaestus were the only wolves for miles around- the only living things stupid enough to stay.

Hephaestus cursed himself as he trotted along. If it weren't for him, his only son- Opaque- would still be alive. He wouldn't have frozen like everything else in this accursed land. Moonlight would still gaze at Hephaestus like he was the only wolf in the world- not the faked happiness and pity that he saw whenever he turned around.

Moonlight had been his mate for just over a year. His pup had been eight months old when he perished. It made Hephaestus's heart break when he thought of how much he and Moonlight had missed out on. They would never see their son go off to have his own pups in his own pack. They would never see him lead a pack. He was gone, and it was Hephaestus's fault.

As he traveled, Hephaestus became aware of something. The rivers and ponds were coated with a thick layer of ice that was impossible for a wolf to break through. The ground had no snow or ice on it. If he didn't find water soon, he would start to die of thirst.

Hephaestus turned to warn Moonlight, but she was gone. He yelped and howled and searched, but he could not find her. He trembled with cold and grief as he lowered his body to the freezing earth. He stared blankly at the ground in front of him. In his delusional state he did not notice that the earth was beginning to get a fine layer of snow.

* * *

Moonlight panted as she raced away. How could Hephaestus not have seen the hunter? He had been so close. If Moonlight hadn't suddenly glanced up, the hunter would have been upon them.

Moonlight knew that Hephaestus was not with her and never would be now. She had heard the sharp crack as she ran, and knew that Hephaestus had been shot, though she suspected he had already been dying. While she trotted behind him, she had noticed his legs were shaky and weak.

The snow that was steadily falling had risen. It slowed her movement and chilled her even deeper. She trembled uncontrollably, but still she kept going.

She knew that there was no chance that she would ever make it far enough that she could actually survive. She didn't want to, anyway.

Finally, she saw it; the den. It was covered in snow and frost, but it was the den. That was where she had given birth to Opaque. It was also where she intended to die.

Moonlight crawled into the den and found it mercifully warmer. She relaxed and forgot her thirst and hunger as the surge of memories rushed at her. She closed her eyes and let them in.


That's based on a true story. Somewhat. Hephaestus actually did die of thirst, but I was playing as him so I don't know what happened to Moonlight.
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PostSubject: Re: Moonlight and Hephaestus   27/04/12, 01:57 pm

wow thats kinda sad you really got me when you said how old the pup was when it died.
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Moonlight and Hephaestus
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