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 Centurus And CloudSongs Terrible And Great Year

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PostSubject: Centurus And CloudSongs Terrible And Great Year   03/05/12, 07:22 am

Centurus Was Walking In The Cold snow as he looked at nimrod snarling at him.Then He looked at the other pack members and smiled.Centurus Walked In A Unknown Territory,When he was sleeping, He suddely got attacked by the red river pack,He Limped Back To CloudSong,Cloudsong nuzzled him.A few Days Later Cloudsong mated with centurus.When Cloudsong Was Pregnant.He Waited.Centurus was very hungry there were no food just water.centurus smelled a cow.He thought to him self should i kill the cow or not? hes barks.He stalks the cow and bites hardly threw the cows skin.suddely a hunt appeared out of no where and shot him.he ran as fast as he could and he sudceed. he limped back whimpering.blood starting dripping down his muzzle.3 mouths cloudsong gave birth to three puppys the first one was black and named it fang because later sliverback died of a fight,and the secound one was a white pup a pretty girl pup name rumour,she was named roumour because she was brave like her. and the third pup cleo he was a brownish pup who is very special to centurus.One Day nimrod attack centurus he bit his muzzle and tryed to mate with cloudsong.he was a very strong wolf indeed but centurus bit his neck ad nimrod gaved up and left the pack.the pack her a plane and ran i bark to sliverback run! and sliver back was very unlucky. sliver back got sot by a plane and died. they howled for her but no respound back centurus nuzzled sliverback,sliver back open her eyes and smiled at centurus, centurus smiled back at sliverback,he carried her to the den and lick her wounds to heal her.Then Centurus said to cloudsong look he barks in supirise there were elk deer mice rabbt and alot of animals.He Barks Were Not going to starve as he yelps in happiness, they decied to kill a deer he rips the meat off andcarrys it to the pups to eat the hole back howled and the next day they sleeped next to each other and being nice to each other and the pack smiled.

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Centurus And CloudSongs Terrible And Great Year
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