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 Moxy's Life in Exile PART1

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PostSubject: Moxy's Life in Exile PART1   12/05/12, 12:06 pm

Moxy was a small wolf. Ever since she was born, she had been small. She was the runt of the litter. Her mother had been overly protective of all the other pups. Her pup mates got to sleep in a warm cozy den with their mom. They got the fur lined comforting den. She left Moxy out in the rain. Moxy was thought to be cursed because one eye was green, and the other was blue. She had a beautiful tawny coat, and a slender beautiful built. She could take off it a matter of seconds, and turn an acutely in a flash. She was the most beautiful wolf in the entire pack. The leader didn't think that she was cursed, and a few others included with him. One day, as her mother left her out in the rain, she decided to go live with the pack leader. He would take her in. She was only a pup. And the leader, named howler lived only a half of a mile away. As soon as her mother dissapeared into the den for the night, Moxy took off towards Howler. She got to his house in less than 2 minutes, which is amazing time for a young pup like Moxy. Howler saw the pup out side of his door, and took her right in. She fell into his daily routine. He left to check on each of the five dens in his territory. He took Moxy to all of them except her families den. He would do that den last and send Moxy back to his den. One day, as he sent moxy back to their den disaster struck. It was so bad, a wolf died.

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PostSubject: Re: Moxy's Life in Exile PART1   30/05/12, 03:44 am

I would like to hear part two :3 This story is really good!
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PostSubject: good   02/06/12, 04:36 pm

Nice Story :3
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PostSubject: Re: Moxy's Life in Exile PART1   13/06/12, 09:17 pm

I want to see part two. I wonder who died and how.
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PostSubject: Re: Moxy's Life in Exile PART1   

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Moxy's Life in Exile PART1
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