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 A Wolves Tale Part: 1

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PostSubject: A Wolves Tale Part: 1   09/06/12, 06:14 am

Blaze was his name or at least that's what he called himself. Hes been a loner since he was two years old dispersing when he was old enough too, He never looked back at his pack. This is his story(Or part of it) 2 months into his loner life, ENJOY!

Blaze struggled through the thick brush, thorns sticking into his fur. Makes it to a small clearing and growls, frustrated at how long this will take. Blaze gets up and trudges to the next clearing, but hears footprints small and huge ones. Whimpers as a huge mother bear roars as a cub looks at him shrugging almost. he sprints away as fast as he can ignoring the pain of running through the brush.

Finally making it through blaze collapses on the ground worn out and in pain. Gets up and walks, almost limps over to a close creek creek. Feels the cold water go down his throat giving him more energy, enough to just make it to a food cache he smelled, on a unknown pack territory. Blaze digs it up, and he runs with it hearing wolves getting closer.

Resting on a small hill he eats the meat, giving him a little extra energy. Feeling better he howls loudly, then waits... He wags his tail on a reply and gets a little drink, then he runs to the howl giver.

Coming onto a little over hang he stops panting, and stares at a wolf 10 feet away. The other wolf bows in a playful motion, blaze repeats and the play for a minute then the other wolf runs away and motions for blaze to follow. Blaze follows, but pauses for a second and thinks about the road ahead...

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A Wolves Tale Part: 1
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