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 A sad pack story.

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PostSubject: A sad pack story.   29/06/12, 08:07 pm

Hambone and his pack were living the good wild life in the plains, everyone was happy, even the females didnt fight that much. Hambone sat on a rock and viewed the lands, he smiled when Rumor was walking to him and sat beside him. But it was dark so the pack slept. When morning came it was the first day of winter, and that was when the pack's trouble began. Rumor sneaked off as always, but Hambone woke up late, when he did a hunter was one click away. ( a click is a mile) Hambone jumped up and ran, the pack was following Hambone finally they lost the hunter. But they needed water and they couldnt find a drop, then the worst of all, Hambone was forced to go to the other wolf pack territory because they couldnt find water once they found water and drank, they ran back into their territory but they were not alone they were surrounded by hunters some were ranging from four clicks away to one click away. Hambone turned to his pack with a tear in his eye and said " their is no way around the hunters this is the end of the road." Rumor walked beside him and said " I will be with you every step of the way." That is when the whole pack came closer, and two hunters came the wolves tried to Escape but they were no match for a bullet.

May they all rest in peace.
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A sad pack story.
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