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 Fasthowl's heartbreak

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PostSubject: Fasthowl's heartbreak   18/07/12, 08:38 pm

Fasthowl was leading his pack to some food, he had no idea where Rumor was, he was very worried about her. But Changling would always be right by his side, but there was one problem she was the beta, so they couldnt be mates. When winter struck Fasthowl went to the Arctic region and stayed there until spring, he was hiding from hunters. But of course it was Changling who looked for him, she found him and they went back to the den, he had no feelings for Changling other than friendship, but when he went back to the den Rumor was there! he was so happy when night came he and Rumor slept side by side, but in the middle of the night Rumor left to have pups! and Changling came closer to Fasthowl. Rumor came out of the den with a sad face, Fasthowl came to see what was wrong, when he looked one pup was in the den, and it was dead. Since winter comes faster then you want it too Fasthowl didnt know what to do he was very sad, but he looked over his shoulder and saw Draco running to him and Draco challenged Fasthowl, but Fasthowl was weak and Draco won. And thats when Rumor came back, Changling felt bad for him and comforted him then he finally relized it should be Changling instead of Rumor.
So what happen next? well Fasthowl went to a new game and Changling became his mate. Soon hopefully they would have pups, but im not sure if its time yet to even mate.
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PostSubject: Re: Fasthowl's heartbreak   01/08/12, 01:45 pm

It progresses too fast, I think there should be more talking and detail. This sounds like a brief summary, not a story. It could use some more grammar and puncuation as well.
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Fasthowl's heartbreak
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