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 Fasthowl's Dream Before Death.

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PostSubject: Fasthowl's Dream Before Death.   01/08/12, 02:44 pm

Fasthowl was the beta of the pack, Hambone the alpha male, and Changling the alpha female.
Since it was winter, Fasthowl wasnt going to try for alpha rank.
Fasthowl hated winter, it looked so bare, food was hard to find, often he would go to the plains and hide out there.
When he reached 1 year and 8 months and when you saw the few patches of snow he hanged out with Changling, once summer came Fasthowl saw Hambone with a limp "here is my chance for alpha rank, I better take this chance" He thought to himself.
He ran to Hambone and fought him and won, "yay im alpha" Fasthowl said while prancing around Changling.
Fasthowl took a deep breathe the fall breeze was a bit chilly, "winter is coming soon" Fasthowl complained.
And hunters will be coming, as he was hunting he saw the pretty colors of the fall trees, as he took another sniff a bright orange leaf fell on his nose, he shook it off. Just then a flash of light came, standing over Fasthowl was Changling, she was sad the beta of the pack died of hunger, he never even became alpha, and he never even became 1 year and 8 months.
She was hoping it was all a dream...
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Fasthowl's Dream Before Death.
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