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 Changling and her pack changing

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PostSubject: Changling and her pack changing    29/08/12, 12:23 pm

(couldnt help the title..also it suits the story because I will just wirte about her pack and the changes through the time)
please excuse my bad english - its not my first lagnuage!
PART 1 - New start

Everything started when I was 1 year and 8 months old, the other knew me as Changling.I was young and curious about the world but Even today I still think that responsibility came too soon for me. At this age I became the alpha.The previous alpha died and I became the new one.I don’t know why me because the other female was the same age as me…But with the new alpha it was a new start for my pack.The other female was always a beta and her name was Drifthowl her pelt was dark grey and by that time I belived it was just like her soul.I didn’t like her when I became an alpha because she stayed too close to my mate – Aries. Aries was a powerful brown wolf who was in the perfect match with his years – 3 years and 8 months, not too young and not too old. He had killed a lot of animals in his life and the pack rarely starved. There was one old omega too. His name – Cepheus if I remember right.He was 7 years and 8 months in the end of his life. He looked just like the beta female – dark grey pelt.

I always felt strange about the omega because from the nowhere he became beta.I was wondering why would a wolf in the end of his life want to be a hight rank? He had just a few months left…However this made my confidence grow a lot – I was no longer scared of the other female because as the omega she had no chances with my mate. It was the end of this month and I was sticking close to my pack.

When I turned 1 year and 9 months my mate came to me and we mated. Drifthowl had no chance now, atleast not until the pups were born. These times were hard and the next 2 months it was snowing a lot. The prey was hard to catch but atleast we had water very close to the den.

I turned 1 year and 10 months .The weather wasn’t so harsh now and we finally could take a rest.The things happening took a strange way and Drifthowl became the beta again.I don’t think that Cepheus is so miserable about this. Our pack was from only 4 wolves back then and we didn’t need a lot of food. It was easy life but for him it would last only 1 month more..

Ahh the spring is here. What a relief – the prey is all around us and we often don’t even need to hunt because we find a lot of carcass – lots of easy food! I am now 1 year 11 months and I started sticking with my pack again and I could see the changes from the first seats. The positive was that Drifthowl stopped annoying my mate and started going closer to me but for my surprise she never tried to challenge me. We started sleeping together warming each other by the nights just like best friends. However bad things happen…Somewhere in the early spring Cepheus died. I saw his body soon before it started to rot . I knew this would happen but I always though that he would make it to 8 years.I was wrong. He died and this is how our pack became just a small trio wandering around. The hunting would be harder because the old wolf helped a lot with the hunts.

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Changling and her pack changing
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