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 Asura's Howl (WIP)

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PostSubject: Asura's Howl (WIP)   08/09/12, 10:57 pm

Note: This story was made based on both Wolf and Wolfquest together, and is based on true adventures that I had.

Asura's childhood was long, but felt as though it was short-lived. She was born in the Arctic territory, making her one of the Arctic wolves that lived there. Her father's name was Kwa, A very dark bluish grey alpha that was born into their small pack from the previous alpha. Though he had been born into Subordinateship, he had won his rank through convenient death and battling. His father had been hit by a timber monster, big monk-made structures created off of pollution for the reason of carrying sliced-down trees out of the woods. Kwa's pack used to reside in the more warmer part of the forest, up until it was chopped down completely by the monks. Now they lived in the northern part of the Arctic woods, where it was more cold and blanketed with snow. Even though the sun came out without clouds during the day, it blizzarded during the night and any wolf that spent the night without a den would be marked for death the next day. Asura's mom on the other hand was a completely white wolf with some grey on the back of her neck and head named Skye. She was the alpha female and one of the best hunters among the pack. Unlike most wolves she took to the element of sneak rather than speed and strength, and her portion of the effort in a pack hunt is usually what fed the pack at the end of the day.
Nowadays she was constantly having to stay in the den to feed her pups, and could not hunt to save her strength and milk. It was up to her mate Kwa to hunt for the pack and to feed her so she could care for them.

Asura lay in the soft floor of her den. Roots hung lowly from the cieling and entrance, blocking the breeze of the cold outside and creating a warm atmosphere for the pups inside. Skye, Asura's mother, was laying with the three other pups in the back of the den, curling her long tail around them. They were all one litter, and had an almost connection with each other. Yoru was the first of the litter. He was big, leen, and light grey. He, much like his mother with more stripes, was light grey with dark grey stripes down his back and on his feet. He lay outside of his mother's tail silently. The second of the litter, Asura's best sister, was named Snow after the white downfall that hit the pack's territory every night and allowed blend for their pack. She was completely white with narrow yellow eyes, destined to be a perfect hunter like her mother was. Another one of her sisters was a small and very silent spotty Light blue-grey pup, Ice, after the ponds that froze all year round. The only source of natural water was the rivers that ran far too fast to freeze, and too roughly for any creature to cross safely. Then finally there was Coyote, he lived up to his name, being speckled grey and crimson, and the outcast. He looked nothing like anybody in the family and didn't blend in at all, and was destined to be the Omega of the pack. Still Asura loved him as the brother he was, along with the rest of his littermates.
Asura sniffed the crusty air. She smelled the fresh scent of blood, slowly enclosing into the den. She saw the shapes of her pack outside, and even with the dangers she still had that odd urge to go and explore the light, but still her weak mother insisted she stay in the den. It had been a few months since her birth and they were eating solids. For a while they had been eating regurgitation, up until a few days ago when their father began bringing them strips of pure deer meat, which was usually cold and tough from the long travel back to the pack den. The shapes outside began to cast bigger shadows and in a short amount of time the wolves of their pack began flooding into the den, making sure to give the queen her space. Some of the wolves dissapeared into the shadows of the back, while other smaller ones like the Omegas sat at the entrance. A dark grey, almost black wolf trotted over and sat down next to Skye, her small yellow eyes glowing like flame in her fur. Skye looked up at her feebly, blinking away exhaustion from her eyes.
"Hello, Shadow..." she began, "Thank you for bringing me and my pups food, you are truly a wonderful Beta, but why isn't Kwa bringing the kill this time?" she asked, tilting her head in ponder.
Shadow stared at her alpha, blinking calmly and saying in a bold, deep voice; "I'm afraid Kwa's been kicked down to Beta. Hare nabbed his rank while he was weak from hunting," Shadow said, looking on towards the back of the cave where the new beta must have been residing.
"I'm sure he'll get his rank back in short time," Skye replied with a rumble. "Hare might be fast but he isn't the strongest."

Asura sat on the side of the cave. It was three days later, her father had dissapeared for the last day and was still remaining in his beta position. Her mother looked weak and feeble as usuall, though she wasn't nursing anymore, her fur had gotten ragged and she was now too weak to clean herself. Unfortunately Hare didn't allow Kwa anywhere near her, declaring her his now mate, but still not taking care of her. Thankfully, Shadow was loyal and agreed not to take the Alphess's rank from her in her feeble state so she could continue caring for her pups. Asura was now staring at her mother, she wasn't that old but her eyes were closed and her head was dipped as if she was barely recieving consciousness. Shadow walked into the pack den, shaking off blooddyed snow from her fur and proceeding over to Skye, who blinked her eyes weekly up at her Beta. Shadow looked back with concern, and started to tug at Skye's back pelt with her teeth to clean it. Skye only let out a rasped sigh and gave Coyote, who was sitting under her chin, a pitifully weak lick between the ears. Skye's tail was laying on Asura's foot, barely twitching, and matted in an odd, sickly way.
"You should sleep, Skye." Shadow warryingly grumbled into her ear. Skye flicked her ear as a sign of indifference, and sighed as her head thumped down in between her paws. She was so still she almost looked dead, but when Asura stared at her she could see the slow rise and falling of her stomach, along with the small gurgle of her breathing, and she knew Skye was asleep already.
"Come" Shadow said, staring down at the four cubs. She picked up Coyote by his scruff and carried him out. Asura's siblings followed Shadow as she left the den, so Asura did as well.

Hare and two subordinates, a light yellowish-pelted male and a light crimson female that looked like snow was blanketing her pelt, were talking under a nearby tall pine tree. An Omega female sat at the edge, under a branchless tree. She was laying on her stomach with her eyes squinted shut, snow covering her face as she sat alone.
"Is this the pack den territory?" Asura asked, looking up at Shadow, who was putting down Coyote in the soft snow.
"Not all of it," Shadow told her. "The Blue Leaf Pack territory expands far beyond this area." she said, her yellow eyes staring down at Asura.

(Should I continue this? I'm planning on making it long enough until Asura is an elder or until it can be ended without a cliffhanger--)

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PostSubject: Re: Asura's Howl (WIP)   08/09/12, 11:09 pm

Nice story, and I think you should continue this^^
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PostSubject: Re: Asura's Howl (WIP)   09/09/12, 09:40 am

wow thanks this is great. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Asura's Howl (WIP)   21/01/13, 10:36 am

This is really interesting! Please do continue. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Asura's Howl (WIP)   

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Asura's Howl (WIP)
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