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 Life As A WOLF.

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PostSubject: Life As A WOLF.   18/11/12, 06:08 pm

(I changed everyone's names, since it would be Fasthowl, Changling, and a bunch of other names, oh well its time I change my stories up Smile)
Ranks: Alpha Male Sedge Ears, Alpha Female Silver Moon, Beta LongTail, Subordinate Lilia.
The the trees' leaves has already fallen, the birds already went south for the winter, the lakes and ponds already froze over, the blades of grass that peaked through the snow has been wrapped in a ice blanket, a big healthy Cloudy gray wolf carefully cracked the thin ice so he could drink the freezing water, when he finished drinking he howled, even though it looked like he was all alone several other howls responded, then a beautiful pure white wolf walked right beside the alpha male, her grey blue eyes looked at the alpha male's amber brown eyes, the alpha male loved the alpha female and he always tried to protect her. Sedge Ears lead his pack to a carcass, others stood guard while the alphas ate, then the alphas stood guard while the others ate. Silver Moon starred at LongTail, she knew all he wanted was to be alpha, but no matter how many times LongTail tried Sedge Ears was just a stronger wolf. Lilia stayed with Silver Moon since Lilia was subordinate she wanted to be close friends to the alpha female, if LongTail would stop driving her away by challenging her. Sedge Ears smelled a loner way to close to the den, he dashed through the thick snow it looked as if he was kicking up a fog, the rest of the pack followed, it was Stalker, Sedge Ears fought him until he was far enough away from the den, "I hate loners" he said while snarling at the running loner. As night time came it felt like the temperature dropped 40 degrees. Silver Moon slept very close to Sedge Ears, closer then usual. The very next morning Silver Moon went up to Sedge Ears and they mated, but that didnt stop LongTail, LongTail walked up to Sedge Ears and started growling, Sedge Ears looked at LongTail in the eye and said "Challenge me if you dare!" LongTail jumped Sedge Ears but he grabbed LongTail by the neck and flipped him on his back, LongTail gave in and he ran off "Coward" Sedge Ears whispered to himself. Sedge Ears couldnt find a carcass, Silver Moon walked up to Sedge Ears, "its ok we will find food soon" Sedge Ears shaked his head, he continued running through the snow looking for food, then he spotted a limping caribou, he hid behind a tree, then he jumped and grabbed its neck, and the rest of the pack jumped and made it fall down then Sedge Ears killed it, the pack ate happily, Silver Moon sat next to the den, she cleaned the den, and made it nice for the upcoming pups. LongTail tried one last time to be alpha, Sedge Ears was at the river taking a drink, the spring made the ice melt making it easyer to drink, LongTail went up to Sedge Ears, he knew LongTail was going to challenge him, LongTail jumped and Sedge Ears caught his neck and brought him down, but this time LongTail kept fighting, he attacked his belly, until LongTail gave up. Then a hunter appeared, Sedge Ears got away seconds before he wouldve died, even though he had a limp he was still alive, but he kept limping away until he thought he was safe, he looked behind him, and LongTail wasnt behind, Sedge Ears howled for him, but no response. Sedge Ears limped back since the hunter was gone, he kept limping trying to find LongTail, until, he found something near the river, its fur gently moved with the low wind, "LongTail" Sedge Ears whipered, he calmly walked to LongTail, he sat next to LongTail's dead body "im so sorry, yes you fought me a lot, but I forgave you, you didnt know what you were doing, you took care of me, you saved me from the hunters I dont know how many times, you were always there when I needed you, well I hate saying this but... Goodbye My Brother" he howled mourningful, then tears streamed down his face, he left thinking about the good and the bad times he and his brother went through. Silver Moon saw Sedge Ears, since he was limping, and he was sad, she knew something terribly was wrong, but she gave him space. Lilia looked at Silver Moon "whats wrong with Sedge Ears?" she asked, "I dont know its best if we give him space" Lilia nodded. A few days later Silver Moon had three pups, the two boys looked like their father, and the little girl looked like her mother. Sedge Ears came to the den to see his pups, he named the first pup Storm Alarm, the second pup was named Winter, and the third pup was named Hunter. Sedge Ears told Silver Moon and Lilia what happened to LongTail, even though Lilia was now beta, she missed LongTail, Hunter went into a draft of snow, then he whined for any parent to save him, Sedge Ears looked at Hunter he smiled then he picked him up and put him down in the den, he was happy to be a father, but he wished LongTail was still alive so he could see his brothers' pups. Oh well... Life is hard... The lucky ones live... The unlucky Perish...
Ranks: Alpha Male Sedge Ears, Alpha Female Silver Moon, Beta Lilia, Subordinate none, Juvenile Storm Alarm, Winter, and Hunter.
read this while listening to very sad music from a violin, and it will make you cry, plus it was a very sad true story. Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Life As A WOLF.   18/11/12, 06:16 pm

Oh woah nice story! And quite sad that its true aswell. :I
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PostSubject: Re: Life As A WOLF.   19/11/12, 09:05 pm

the end where LongTail died is very sad, in my opinion you wright sad stories so beautiful like you draw. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Life As A WOLF.   

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Life As A WOLF.
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