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 Bob's unexpected visitors.

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PostSubject: Bob's unexpected visitors.   13/12/12, 04:20 pm

Bob slowly walked to the river, the green african grass was soft on his paws. It was raining season, where the ground wasnt hot. Hercules, Zulu, and Mau Mau, followed Bob to the river. Bob was proud of his pride, to him his pride was the strongest. Zulu wasnt too interested in having cubs, so she only mated once. Mau Mau on the other hand wanted cubs, so she mated eighteen times, the pride was excited for when Mau Mau will soon have cubs. Hercules was taking a nap while soaking up the sun, until... A strange scent came by, "Another pride." Hercules said to himself as he went back to sleep. Zulu ate some of the giraffe that the pride hunted earlyer, she looked at one of the savannah trees and saw something move, she growled as she smelt a pride, she roared warning the others. As nightime fell all that you could really see is eye shine from the lions, most of the lions were asleep, except for Bob, he was laying in the tall grass it was hard to see him, he smelt a new smell. Bob finally pushed his lazy self up to check out what that smell was, on his way he made Hercules come with him, when they went to the smell they found a small cub. "Is its mother coming back?" Hercules asked Bob, Bob shrugged "I dont have a clue, but lets hide it from preditors... And Zulu and Mau Mau or they are going to want to adopt it" Hercules nodded, they hide it in tall grass. "Good job! now we can sleep" Hercules said, Bob agreed. The little cub left its hiding spot to go to the river, it drank some of the refreshing water, then it found a lioness, it went up to the lioness and said "Momma? is that you? I thought you got taken away by a human truck?" Zulu looked at the tiny cub "im afraid im not your mother..." Zulu replied, the cub's ears went down as its face went low, Zulu heard a tear roll off the cub and on the grass, Zulu picked the cub up and put it next to her, she cleaned it then Zulu went to sleep, and the cub did the same. Bob woke up went the sun's rays hit his face, he did a big yawn, he got up to get a drink, when he went to the river the bushes was empty. "Oh no! those darn hyenas!" Bob said shocked, the little cub woke up, seeing Zulu was still asleep, the little cub walked to the river, it saw a huge lion, "Hiya! I think we met last night!" the cub said while walking to the big lion, Bob's eyes were huge, "great which lioness saw you?" the cub stopped to think for a minute, "well she was a light golden color, a kinda odd voice, but still comforting, she looked swift" the cub answered, "Zulu." Bob said, he shook his head and picked the cub up and took it back to Zulu. Zulu woke up, the cub was no longer at her side, she looked everywhere for it, ontop of rocks, beside rocks, in tall grass, near the river, near the giraffe, until she saw Bob with the cub, she sighed in relief. Hercules and Mau Mau woke up, they went to the other pride members, and saw the cub. they kept it fed and watered, until... Another cub came, Mau Mau, and Zulu were surprised, but they took in the starved cub, the two cubs were happy to see each other again. Bob and Hercules yelled "Who did this to us? this isnt funny!" The pride went to a neighboring pride, and went to see if these were their cubs, but the other pride left, "so thats how we get rid of neighboring prides" Hercules said in amazment, Bob nodded "I guess so." Then Bob went to go get those cubs and bring them back to the pride, Bob looked at his pride and said "Well no one seems to want these cubs... So me AND Hercules will go against our nature and this pride will adopt the two" Zulu added "I will be their mother, since Mau Mau will hopfully have cubs of her own" everyone agreed. Nightime came back, and the pride was going to sleep, Zulu cleaned the two cubs, then she put her head down as she was falling asleep, the cubs whispered in her ear saying "Thank You" Zulu smiled and replied "Your Welcome, now go to sleep" the cubs slowly closed their eyes, and said "Goodnight mom, Love You" Zulu smiled "I Love You Too, Goonight"
To Be Continued. I will post when Mau Mau has cubs, if she does I will post a happy story, if not then prepare for one sad story. Smile
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Bob's unexpected visitors.
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