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 Love, Heartbreak, Forgivness

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PostSubject: Love, Heartbreak, Forgivness   18/03/13, 12:53 am

Centaurus was leading his pack of four through the plains, Belle was right beside him as the alpha female, Nakomis was behind as the beta, and Lucan followed as the omega. Belle went her own direction to find water, Lucan and Nakomis went their own direction, it was no secret the two loved each other, but Belle always reminded Nakomis she was much stronger then she was. Belle trotted through the dry hot grass of the plains, she heard the sound of water hitting the rocks, she sped up her pace until she found the pond, after drinking the cold water she looked up at the sky to see it was going down. Belle layed next to a big rock, there wasnt a wind blowing in her face, it was very quiet so Belle went to sleep quickly.

Sunrise came up over the plains, Belle caught the scent of a freshly killed animal carcass, after breakfest Belle saw Centaurus come up to her and acted very friendly... And they mated, Belle followed Centaurus and playfully nipped at his ears, Centaurus started howling for Lucan and Nakomis, but they didnt answer, the alphas shrugged then continued marking the territory and playing with each other. As the sunset the plains looked golden, the temprature began to drop, the alphas howled then cuddled up to each other to sleep, a ray of sunlight shined in Belle's eyes, she yawned then got up, Centaurus slept late as always, Belle howled for Nakomis, but again no answer, she began to worry a little, she trotted to the pond, where she finally found Nakomis and Lucan, she walked up to them "We have been howling for you!" Belle said with a low growl, Nakomis replied "We wanted to give you and Centaurus some space for a little while" Belle shook her head and trotted to Centaurus.

Of course Belle was getting huge, and she rarely even saw Nakomis, on the eleventh month Belle started working on cleaning the den. When Belle stook her head out she was very shocked to see Nakomis sitting by the den, but it wasnt a resting type sitting by the den, it was she was pregnant type sitting by the den, Belle was furious, she continuesly attacked Nakomis, she didnt even let her near the den, Nakomis was worried, "How I am I going to raise pups when the alpha female won't let me near the den?" she asked Lucan, but he didnt have the answer either, a few days before pups would be born Lucan died of old age, Nakomis cried over his dead body, he didnt get to see his pups. Belle felt bad for Nakomis, even though she still felt betrayed she allowed Nakomis at the den.

Early in the morning both females ran into the den, Belle growled at Nakomis not to get close, an hour later Centaurus came to the den to see his pups, Belle nudged three pups to the door of the den so Centaurus could see them, one boy looked like Centaurus he was named Amaroq, the second boy was dark grey was a black paw he was named Black Paw, the girl was brown like her mother her name was Sierra, Centaurus nuzzled them, then Belle put them back with her, Centaurus asked Nakomis if he could see her pups, she nudged a white pup that looked like Lucan his name is Sedge Ears, Nakomis then put the pup back with her, then the females went to sleep.

The females take turns watching over the four pups, Belle hopes the pups have a better chance surviving, and she reminds Nakomis she can never have anymore pups without asking Belle first. But that doesnt not mean Belle will say yes.
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Love, Heartbreak, Forgivness
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